Synthetic Resin Frankfurt Abrasives

new technology of synthetic abrasive stone for marble polishing, better material density, improved polishing sharpness and increased abrasive life. better performance than resin bond or velox Frankfurt abrasives in polishing quality.
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Resin Synthetic Frankfurt Abrasives

Synthetic Frankfurt abrasives is a resin bonded abrasive stone with silicon carbide as abrasives working materials, it is different from traditional resin bond (similar to velox or magnesite abrasives) and also different from pressed resin bond abrasives.  this Synthetic abrasives is more adaptable to different materials and with good sharpness.  

For marble polishing, mostly polishing with magnesite and resin bond Frankfurt 20 years back. with development of synthetic bond production technology, life of abrasive is greatly improved and sharpness is improved as well. It is the first generation synthetic abrasives in China.

Now with new technology in production, we upgrade our synthetic abrasives to much better sharpness and material density with patented technology. please find below design and surface finish of new synthetic Frankfurt abrasives

05 Marble Abrasives 17

Different bond is available for different polishing machine and stone materials, in China, many polishing lines runs at faster speed and polishing glossy is important for production request. we use high sharpness abrasives and life is shorter. We can also make long life abrasives as per customer's request.

Now we are making another design with much longer life with material and shapes changes, it is initial testing on our contracted polishing lines in China, monthly about 5,000,000 square meters, if we get our goods ready and tested in overseas market, will further share with you on our news column.

Fullux Abrasives is the biggest producer of Frankfurt Abrasive stone for marble, hope that we can help you with our quality and experiences.