Marble Frankfurt Abrasive Stone

Marble Frankfurt Abrasive Stone

Frankfurt shape magnesite bonded abrasive stone for marble polishing, widely in use for automatic polishing lines
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Marble Frankfurt Abrasive Stone for Marble Polishing Line

Frankfurt abrasives is intended for marble polishing, it is available in different bonds

1) Diamond metallic for calibration and grinding

2) Magnesite bond for calibration and grinding, same application as diamond Frankfurt but less aggressive than diamond Frankfurt;

3) Synthetic resin bond for grinding and polishing

4) 5 Extra Oxalic acid bond for final polsihing, a chemical reaction with marble to get high glossy 

5) Sponge Fiber Pads for cleaning surface and with special bond, Fullux Abrasives sponge pad also help increase polishing glossy


magnesite Frankfurt abraisves is made of MgO and Silicon carbide, it is aggressive for marble calibration and grindinig and available in grit size 16#, 24#, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 180#, 220# and 320# and use on first few steps in marble polishing, 220# and 320# is important and start to shine marbles and get ready for 400# synthetic to do fine grinding and polishing.


As per different machines with available polishing heads numbers, different grit size sequences is in use, more polishing head will give more chance to use more grit size and will give better polishing results. if you have any questions on grit sizes sequences, you may check us for more details as well.

Frankfurt Abrasives 5 Extra Polishing Stone for Marble Fine Polishing

Frankfurt Abrasives 5 Extra Polishing Stone for Marble Fine Polishing

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Frankfurt Abrasives 5 Extra Polishing Stone for Marble Fine Polishing


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