5 Extra Frankfurt Abrasives Stone

5 Extra Frankfurt Abrasives Stone

5 Extra Frankfurt abrasives for marble, travertine or limestone polishing on automatic polishing lines
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5 Extra Frankfurt Abrasives Stone for Marble, Limestone, Artificial Stone  or Terrazzo Tiles

Frankfurt abrasives stone 5 Extra is used for final polishing step in marble polishing, it is with a chemical reaction with marble and get a high glossy surface finish, oxalic acid is one of the main material in 5 Extra production and it decides the surface finish.  With a cooperation with European engineer and a coooperation in technology development, now we are with new 5 Extra for our customers, it works on most colors of marbles after testing and getting high glossy degree polishing, about 96 to 108 glossy degree mostly and its life time almost satisfied by customers.

Fullux Abrasives is the biggest producer of Frankfurt abrasives in China with daily production of about 3-4 containers for home and abroad markets, here in China, we are contracting more than 40 polishing lines with monthly polishing of marble and artificial stones of about 3,000,000 square meters at our customer's factories on automatic polishihng lines and it is still increasing.

5 Extra Frankfurt Marble AbrasivesHigh Glossy polishing with 5 Extra Abrasive Stone

Package and Weights for 5 Extra

ProductGrit SizePackageWeights
5 Extra Frankfurt0# or 5EX36pcs/Carton21-22Kgs/Carton

Abrasive stone are mostly in lower value but heavy in weight and suggested shipment by Sea to cut cost down for testing and for regular order, it is a lower profit products and a consumable products for stone production, quality and stability is most important for abraisve production and our production are quality controlled by experienced staff, most of our workers are working for more than 10 years with our factory.  Hope to help you with our technology and experiences.

36" circular saw blade cutter for Marble CuttingBiggest producer of Frankfurt Abrasive Stone in China - Fullux Abrasives

FULLUX Frankfurt Abrasive Tool for Marble Polishing Machine

FULLUX ABRASIVES & XTAR DIAMOND TOOLS produces and exports high performance abrasive and diamond tools for stone cutting and polishing, our products includes 


Abrasive Tools: Frankfurt Abrasives for Marble,  L140 Fickert Abrasives for Granite, 8"/200mm Metal Disk/Resin Disk/Buff for Granite and Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite, Marble and Concrete, Terrazzo Floors


Cutting Tools: Diamond Segments & Diamond Saw Blade for natural stone and engineered stones such as Granite, Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Andesite Stone, Lava Stone, Volcano Stone, Basalts, Quartz Stone and others;



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We're one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond tools. If you're looking for 5 extra frankfurt abrasives stone, please feel free to place orders with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.