Resin Fickert Brick

Resin Fickert Brick

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Resin Fickert Brick

Resin fickert brick is used with diamond fickert and magnesite fickert for granite grinding and polishing. it is widely in use for automatic polishing lines and bridge polishing machines (single head or multi heads). 

Diamond fickert is metal bond fickert, good sharpness and long life, suitable for granite calibration and grinding to save jobs to be done by magnesite fickert or resin fickert.

Magnesite Fickert is softer in bond than resin bonds, it is tranditional technology for granite polishing, and now with introduction of resin fickert, less in use but still in popular use in different market and it is a must for granite polishing.  many machines use diamond fickert in first few heads and resin fickert after, but in between using magnesite fickert to remove lines from diamond fickert and prepare soft and smooth surface for resin fickerts.

Resin fickert is a resin bond polishing brick stone for granite, it is longer life than magnesite brick, operators no need to change abrasive tools frequently, saving labor. 

Available grit size from 120# to 3000# as per request

Package in 36pcs per carton box for Export

resin fickert polishing brick stone

For granite polishing, diamond fickert, magnesite fickert, resin fickert and Buff/Lux are in use.

as per different grit and bond choice, most popular grit sequence in use are 

1) Diamond Fickert + Magnesite Fickert + Resin Fickert + Buff/Lux

2) Magnesite Fickert + Resin Fickert + Buff/Lux

3) Magnesite Fickert + Buff/Lux

granite polishing lines

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