What Is Diamond Cutting Segment

- Aug 29, 2017-

What is Diamond cutting segment?


Diamond Cutting segment is the main working body of diamond saw blade. It consists of diamond and matrix bond. Diamond, known as a superhard material, can be used for edge cutting. matrix bond, composed of Metallic powder and Metal alloy powder, is used to fasten the diamond. Different formulas will be used to produce the diamond cutting segments according to different purposes.


Xtar Diamond Tools is professional in manufacturing all different sizes of granite cutting segments and marble cutting segments. We can produce segments to suit different requirements from different countries. Take Indian market for Example, we have at least 5 different formulas for 2mtr segments which can be used for soft, medium hard, hard materials. Due to the different abrasiveness of stones in North and South market, we have some adjustment in segments formula to perfectly match the stone cutting of these two areas. We have a 2mtr segment formula specially for medium hard and hard material which has a cutting capacity reaching over 2500 sqft stably. Welcome all Indian distirbutors to inquire Xtar Cutting Segments!