What Is A Stone Grinding Brush?

- Nov 23, 2017-

What is Stone Grinding Brush?

Stone Grinding Brush is a special tool that processes natural stone to antique surface,which is made of stainless steel wire or nylon brush wire containing special silicon carbide.It has different size and specifications,used to match hand polisher, polishing production lines,floor refurbished machines and other equipment.


Stone grinding brush mainly makes the stone surface appear natural wave surface or crack through brushing, and it could create mercerized and antique surface. Meanwhile it improves the anti-Waterproof and anti-skid performance.

 06 Fickert abrasive polishing brick for granite - ABRASIVE BRUSH 01.jpg    06 Marble Polishing Abrasive Stone - ABRASIVE BRUSH 04.jpg

How to choose a good stone brush? 

-Brush wires should not fall off when processing

-Brush wires should be fixed with high strength stainless steel on the base to prevent corrosion

-Brush wires should be in a wave-shaped

-Grinding sands within the brush wires should not fall off due to bent wires 

-Reasonable height and density of brush wires

-Brush wire should have high hardness and toughness in humid environment

-Brush wire should have a good bending recovery

-Brush wire should have good abrasion resistance

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