What Is A Diamond Polishing Pad

- Nov 23, 2017-

What is a diamond polishing pad?

Diamond polishing pad is a flexible polishing pads with diamond grit as the abrasive polishing agent, and it comes with a velcro backing or magin backing system to attach on a backer pads to adapt to angle grinder or other machines. Polishing pad is widely used for stone and floor polishing.

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Sort by the diameter, the diamond polishing pads usually has four type:

80mm/3” 100mm/4” 125mm/5” 150mm/6”


Sort by the grit, there are two catagories:

50#/100#/200#/400#/800#/1500#/3000#,Buff. Usually it is called 100# Series.

50#/150#/300#/500#/1000#/2000#/3000#/Buff Usually it is called 150# Series.

For 100# Series, the famous brand is EHWA BRAND from South Kourea.

For 150# series, the famous brand is SANWA BRAND from Japan.


What does diamond polishing Pad consist of and what is the function for each ingredient?

Diamond Polishing Pad usually consist of four parts as follows:

1, Diamond powder: it is used to cut and polish the stone materials surface.

2, Binding Agent: it is to fasten the diamond powder and make the produce in a good shape.

3, flexible substrate: it is to fasten the pad grain and increase the flexility.

4,Velcro Backing: connect with the polishing machine, increase the strength of polishing pad and flexility. Usually different color of backing represent different grits.


The Polishing Process of diamond Polishing pad: It is polishing from coarse grit to fine grit and final buff, from coarse grit to fine grit, it needs enough water to cool. While not too much water is allowed for final buff polishing.

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