Shuitou Stone Fair 2017 Opens Today

- Nov 08, 2017-

Shuitou Stone Fair - A feast for stone in Southern China

November 8th, 2017, the opening date of the 18th section of Shuitou Stone Fair, every year shuiotu stone fair will showing new product and technology from Nov. 8th to Nov. 11th at Shuitou, China, one of the world's biggest stone production market and world's biggest stone city. 


Regarded as warm-up show of Xiamen Stone Fair, Shuitou fair attract lots of stone related exhibitors from both domestic and foreign. Greatly supported and encouraged by local goverment, Many Famous Chinese stone industries like Dongsheng Stone,Universal Marble&Granite Group,Dongxing Group, Xishi Group, Kangli Stone Group,Huahui Stone attends this exhition every year to help boost the influence of Shuitou stone fair.

Turkish exhibitors always rank NO1 in foreign exhibiting groups. There are over Turkish 50 exhibitors attending this fair. Rich marble resources attract lot of stone buyers from China and Turkish marble is the most popular marble among all the world stone since the past 10 years especially the materials like Aran White and Ultraman Beige.

Over 15 Iran Exhibitors joined this fair and most of them are quarry owners and blocks sellers. Iran Marble is becoming more and more popular in China even though it still have a long way to go compared with Turkish Marble. These years many Chinese stone companies import marble, granite and onyx from Iran. Materials like Shayan, Real Dehbi,Snow White onyx and green onyx are becoming widespread in Chinese market.

Near Shuitou Stone fair exhibition hall, Fullux Abrasives factory is located in Binhai Industries Area,Shuitou city. With over 3500 cartons daily production and 80% domestic market share in Magnesite Abrasive Polishing Stone, It has become the biggest marble abrasive manufacturer in China. Highly welcome all exhibitors and visitors to our factory.