Requirements For The Installation Of Saw Blades

- Jun 13, 2017-

1. Good equipment condition, no deformation of spindle, no diameter jump, fixed firmly, no vibration, etc.

2. Check whether the saw blade is damaged, the tooth type is intact, the sawn board is smooth and smooth, and there are no other abnormal phenomena to ensure the safety of use.

3. When assembling, make sure the direction of the saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of the equipment spindle.

4. Saw blade installation to maintain the axis, chuck and flange of the clean, flange diameter and saw blade diameter to ensure that the flange and saw blade tightly combined, installed good positioning pin, tighten the nut. Flange size should be appropriate, outside diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the saw blade.

5. Before the equipment start, to ensure the safety of the case, there is a single operating equipment, the point of idling, check the equipment steering is correct, there is no vibration, saw blade installed after the first idling for several minutes, no skidding, swinging or after the normal work.