China Factory Of Diamond Tool And Abrasives For Stone Industry

- Nov 01, 2017-

When visiting to stone fair, you may see many different new suppliers poping up at the exhibition, are they good supplier or cheap quality supplier? You may receive this kind of review or comment from your friends and customers at the fair.

The stone industry is growing and so the diamond tool and abrasives business. Many more diamond tool factories are registered and in production of stone processing tools. And they represent different technology and quality, some holds higher quality standard while some are at cheaper quality. 

XTAR Diamond Tools starts young but we are with industry leading production technology for stone cutting tools, such as diamond segments and diamond saw blades for stone cutting,and our brother company Fullux Abrasives already in the abrasives production with 20 years manufacturing and management experiences, now we are the biggest producer of Frankfurt abrasives for marble polishing in China.

We are with good production technique, high quality control standard and stable quality from our production, if you are looking for new supplier of diamond tool and abrasives, XTAR Diamond Tools and Fullux Abrasives will be your long term partner for mutual benefits. As a China factory of diamond tool and abrasives, we will be doing all our best to help you succeed with our technology, experiences and services.

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