Application Range Of Diamond Saw Blade

- Jun 13, 2017-

(1) Processing of refractory nonferrous metal materials

Processing of copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and alloys, materials easy adhesion tool, processing difficulties. Diamond cutting tools can effectively prevent the bonding between metal and tool by using the characteristics of low friction coefficient and small affinity with nonferrous metals. In addition, because of the large elastic modulus of diamond, small deformation of the cutting edge, the cutting of non-ferrous metal extrusion deformation is small, the cutting process can be done under small deformation, so as to improve the processing surface quality.

(2) Processing of refractory non-metallic materials

Processing of refractory non-metallic materials containing a large number of high hardness particles, such as glass-fiber reinforced plastics, silicon-filled materials, hard carbon/epoxy composites, hard particles of the material make the tool wear seriously, hard to process with cemented carbide tools, and diamond tools have high hardness and good abrasion resistance, so processing efficiency is high.

(3) ultra-precision Machining

With the advent of modern integration technology, machining to high-precision direction of development, the tool performance has put forward a very high demand. Because the diamond friction coefficient is small, the thermal expansion coefficient is low, the thermal conductivity is high, can cut the extremely thin chip, chip easy outflow, and other substances of affinity small, not easy to produce a chip, heat small, high thermal conductivity, you can avoid the impact of energy on the blade and workpiece, so the blade is not easy to passivation, cutting deformation small, you can get a higher quality surface.

(4) Woodworking process of particleboard

Large-scale woodworking cutting operations, especially particleboard, MDF, anti-double plate, such as high density, high hardness difficult to process sheet material, the traditional carbide saw blade cutting performance is difficult to meet. PCD Composite Diamond saw blades have become the most hard material of cutting tools, wood cutting tool to become the best, its superhard properties and durability is the bane of carpentry materials, diamond saw Blade, Vickers hardness 10000HV, acid resistance, the edge is not easy to passivation, processing wood a times molding quality, high wear resistance, compared to cemented carbide more wear-resistant, for particleboard, MDF, wood flooring, veneer panels, such as cutting processing time can reach 300-400 hours, The maximum use of scrap time can reach 4000 hours/piece, compared to cemented carbide blades, the service life is longer, and processing efficiency and processing accuracy is to achieve the best quality demand.