According To The Classification Of The Appearance Of Diamond Saw Blades

- Jun 13, 2017-

1. Continuous edge saw blade: continuous serrated diamond saw blade, generally through the sintering method, commonly used bronze binder as the base of the carcass material, cutting must add water to ensure the cutting effect, and useful laser will cut the end of the knife gap type.

2. Knife-type saw blade: serrated fracture, cutting speed, suitable for dry, wet two kinds of cutting methods.

3. Turbo-saw blade: combined with the previous 1, 22 of the advantages, serrated continuous turbine-like evenly concave and convex, improve the cutting speed, increase the service life.

Different materials choose different kinds of diamond saw blades, different powder formula suitable for different material characteristics, the quality of material products, effect, pass rate and even cost and benefit of direct impact.

The factors affecting the efficiency and life of diamond circular saw blades include sawing process parameters and diamond particle size, concentration and binder hardness. According to the cutting parameters are saw blade line speed, sawing concentration and the speed of the knife.