5 Extra With European Production Technology And Quality

- May 01, 2019-

5 EXTAR Frankfurt Abrasives with European Production Technology and Quality

A cooperaion with European engineers and our engineers makes our new 5 Extra more and more competitive in quality in the market. the production technique is further improved and raw material selection, production quality control is much better.  Based on European technique, together we make the production more stable and we are increasing our production capacity due to  high demand from the market.

Fullux Abrasives - 5 EXTRA -2

Raw material and quality stability of 5 Extra is always a issue in production, sometimes lifetime is not able to control due to materials change and production control. Now we find good solution in production and almost can control life and shinning of 5 Extra. Our engineers and production still keep moving on better and better quality. 

as per testing feedback on different polishing lines at different colors of marbles, our 5 Extra is commented better polishing glossy, reaching 93 to 108 glossy degree and the surface finish looks oily and more shinning. 

Fullux Abrasives - 5 EXTRA

Better and better quality 5 Extra is still in research and development.  We are testing more and more new yellow polishing stone at our contracting polishing lines for marble. Doing all our best to deliver our customers with best suitable quality Frankfurt abrasives and help our customers profit over quality.

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