XTAR Diamond Tools shows on Moscow Stone Fair - STONE INDUSTRY 2016

- Jul 07, 2017-

XTAR Diamond Tools Shows at Moscow Stone Fair - STONE INDUSTRY 2016


Moscow Stone Fair (STONE INDUSTRY) was launched in Moscow in 1999 and it was called EXPOSTONE stone fair and now with a new name STONE INDUSTRY. It is the biggest stone fair in Russia and Eastern Europe, becoming more and more influencial for the stone industry in the eastern Europe area.

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Exhibitors of the stone fair are companies engaged in production of stone, diamond tools, chemical and abrasives, stone machinery and accessoriees for the stone industry and for this stone fair, exhibitors are from different countries and regions, including Russia, Ukraine, Armena, China, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, Turkey, etc.


Quanzhou XTAR Diamond Tools Co., Ltd is one of the exhibitors in STONE INDUSTRY 2016 edition, showing our diamond products with latest technology at the fair, diamond segments for edge cutting and block cutting from diameter 600mm to 3000mm are exhibited, together with diamond segments, we also bring diamond wire saw for grnaite quarry and marble quarry.

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In Russian market, there is lots of polishing on granites and marbles with automatic polishing lines using Fickert abrasive bricks and Frankfurt abrasive stone, as the biggest manufacturer of Frankfurt abrasives in China, we bring our abrasives for granite and marbles to this stone fair as well.


Lots of tomestone processing is done in Russian market and diamond polishing pad is a high demand products, different designs and quality of stone polishing pads are also exhibition at our booth, they are for wet or dry polishing for grnaite and marble, we have lots of customers asking for this polishing pads and want to buy samples to test.

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Quality and Consistency is our promise to our customers and it is our top concern in our production and supply, and we keep studying and researching for new technology and new formulas on our products to make better and better quality products to our customers, to help our customer do better cutting and polishing at lower cost.


XTAR Diamond Tools is a new but dynamic diamond tools manufacturer and factory in China, though started young but with industry leading technology, we are looking forward to working with you and help you suceed.


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