What is the cause of the diamond blade ​edge?

- Dec 27, 2019-

What is the cause of the diamond blade edge?

1. The positioning of collision and shaking of the feeding rack is not accurate, and the machine is not calibrated well during assembly.

Solution: Check the condition of the material rack and the positioning ruler, and correct the level of the machine.

2. Diamond saw blade deformation

Solution: The saw blade will be deformed by being pressed by heavy objects. When not in use, it should be placed according to relevant regulations to avoid being squeezed or wet.

3.The deformation (or unevenness) of the material that needs to be cut is irregular

Solution: The materials must undergo strict inspection before being sawed and put on the shelf. If there are irregularities or bumps, they must be processed first.

4.The feed speed is too fast and the number of teeth is incorrect.

Solution: When cutting the equipment, please keep the diamond saw blade in the normal range. The speed should be synchronized with the saw blade and the equipment. You must choose the appropriate number of teeth and the cutting speed according to the wall thickness of the material.

5.The saw blade is not fixed firmly or the material is not clamped

Solution: Tighten the flange of the equipment to ensure that there is no looseness, and check the fixture of the equipment.

6.The feed speed of the saw blade is unstable

Solution: The feed speed should be uniform when using manual lowering.

7, circular saw blade speed or feed speed is too fast, too much bite at one time

Solution: The stronger the toughness, the higher the hardness, and the larger the cross-section, the slower the blade rotation speed and feed speed should be selected. This will increase the service life and cut resistance.

8, the sawtooth is not sharp

Solution: Too blunt teeth will increase the load of the diamond saw blade during cutting, or loosen and rotate the material to be cut will tear the saw blade, produce cracks, and need to be reground.

9.Incorrect tooth shape or number of teeth

Solution: According to the actual choice of different tooth number and tooth shape, do not use a tooth shape or number of saw blades to cut any material material.

10.Insufficient cutting oil

Solution: Come on

11.The shape of the material is irregular or too long

Solution: For non-standard materials, special fixtures should be made, and the feeding rack and receiving rack should be fixed horizontally.