What is diamond saw blade

- Jun 30, 2017-

What is diamond saw blade?

A diamond saw blade refers to a steel saw blade with diamonds segments (diamond tips) or diamond particles as working parts, they are widely used for cutting hard materials or abrasives materials in construction industries, such as for natural stone, ceramic, concrete, asphalt, glass, refractory bricks, metal and other construction materials.


As per manufacturing methods differences, there is three major types of diamond saw blade

A) Sintered saw blade, which is also divided into 3 different type of segment welding methods

1) Sintered saw blade which diamond segment is cold pressed or hot pressed and sintered with steel body, these blades are more in diameter from 100mm to 300mm, for cutting stone, ceramic, concrete and general purpose cutting;


2) Silver brazed saw blade refers to saw blade which diamond segments is silvered brazed to the steel body, this saw blade is widely used for wet cutting for stone and ceramics, these diamond saw blades are in diameter from 250mm to 3500mm for factory use, and bigger size up to 4500mm for quarry saw purpose;


3) laser welded saw blade is is with laser welded segments onto steel body, they are with very high welding strength and heat resistance, and used for dry cutting on concrete, asphalt and stones, cutting without water or with insufficient amount of water for cutting.

B) Electroplated saw blade

It is metal coating electroplated saw blade that embed diamond particles onto steel body, they can be made in very thin size of saw blade for precision cutting and electroplated saw blade is also widely used for cutting marble or soft stone.


C) Vacuum Brazed Saw Blade

Vacuum brazed saw blade is kind of upgraded manufacturing method from electroplated, diamond particles are brazed onto edge of the steel saw blade in vacuum brazed furnace, the diamond particle is the working part of the saw blade and it is without a metal bond matrix, diamond are well exposed and ready to cut.

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