What is a diamond wire saw used for?

- Dec 10, 2019-

What is a diamond wire saw used for?

According to the cutting objects, diamond wire saw is generally divided into four series: concrete series, marble series, granite series and heterosexual series. It mainly plays the role of sawing. It is a kind of saw. Theoretically, if it is equipped with enough mechanical devices and long enough diamond wire saw, it can cut the earth into two equal parts, because the beads on the wire saw contain diamonds in nature The material with the highest hardness. It can cut any material.

Compared with the traditional saw blade, the concrete diamond wire saw is not limited by the size of the building, and can be cut in any direction, such as cross cutting, vertical, diagonal direction, etc. it can get rid of construction vibration, noise, dust and other environmental problems, with high efficiency, and can control underwater cutting remotely;

Nowadays, diamond wire saw is widely used in marble mines all over the world. Compared with the traditional explosion method, this mining method has a qualitative leap. It not only protects the environment, but also saves the most resources. At present, there are still some rare stones mined by explosive method, which not only has a great impact on the environment, but also is a great waste of precious resources. This kind of rope is usually fixed by spring. Two vertical holes are drilled in the horizontal or vertical direction to penetrate the rope, and then it is cut by mechanical drive. Different sizes can be cut according to the actual demand, which represents a trend of mining in the future.

The use of granite diamond wire saw is similar to marble diamond wire saw, but the diamond in the diamond beads on the granite is better in quality and higher in price, so the cost is higher. At present, more and more wire saw cutting technology is used in granite mining. It can greatly reduce waste, and has higher safety and efficiency. Although the purchase cost is higher, in the long run, the comprehensive cost is far lower than the cost of traditional explosion method.

The special-shaped diamond wire saw can be formulated according to the special requirements of customers. It is mainly used to process the sawing tasks that other sawing tools, such as diamond saw blade, can't complete, generally the stone products with larger diameter or volume.

Due to the special performance of the wire saw, at present, on the basis of the wire saw, a new kind of tool with great market prospect has been developed. It is a miniature wire saw. The industry name is "diamond wire saw". The diameter of the wire saw can be 0.2mm. It can process the wire slot of high-precision circuit board with no burr. The precision is very high and is not limited by the size of the workpiece. This is a new tool, which will play an unimaginable role in circuit board, electrical appliances and other industries in the future