What are the safe operation specifications of diamond wire saw cutting process?

- Dec 13, 2019-

What are the safe operation specifications of diamond wire saw cutting process?

Diamond wire saw cutting is a kind of concrete cutting technology, and the safe operation rules observed in the construction can be basically understood. The construction personnel shall not forget the detailed specifications when complying with the large specifications, and the smaller the contents, the more they shall bear in mind. What are the details of the safe operation rules of wire saw cutting process to be observed?

1. The post responsibility system shall be strictly implemented for each process, and the personnel of this post shall not go to other posts for construction without permission.

2. On site construction personnel shall wear safety helmet, otherwise they are not allowed to enter the construction site, and high-altitude operators shall fasten safety belt, otherwise they shall stop working immediately.

3. Stop outdoor operation in severe weather such as thunderstorm, fog and typhoon.

4. The construction personnel shall select skilled personnel, conduct pre job training before commencement, strictly abide by the post responsibilities, strengthen the mechanical maintenance, ensure the equipment is in good condition, and forbid the mechanical equipment to operate with faults.

5. Drivers of engineering vehicles shall transport slags according to the specified route. Driving after drinking is strictly prohibited, especially fatigue driving is strictly prohibited at night. Check the vehicle condition at any time to ensure safe driving.

6. The excavation, loading and transportation operations on site shall be closely coordinated to avoid delay.

7. During the night cleaning and transportation, the on-site commander in charge of the slag cleaning operation shall properly arrange the night cleaning and transportation vehicles and loading to ensure the close cooperation of all work links.