What are the raw material requirements for diamond cutter heads?

- Dec 31, 2019-

What are the raw material requirements for diamond cutter heads?

    There are also strict requirements on the foundation of the diamond bit carcass:

    1. The alloy components in the carcass alloy can infiltrate the diamond single crystal brilliantly, and the trace elements in the process can be used to cause the chemical bonding and impregnation between the alloy components and the diamond, further improving the diamond deception method.

    2. The sintered body should have excellent attack function and appropriate hardness to ensure that the wrapped diamond forms a brilliant machine meshing and moderate anti-abrasion means for the rock.

    3. The powder metallurgy process that satisfies the above functional requirements can be completed at a lower sintering temperature (as common as not exceeding 950 ° C) and a short holding time (as common as not exceeding 5 minutes) to slow down the diamond single crystal Trend of deterioration

The powder metallurgy method can make the raw material of the carcass similar to the structure of the common alloy and achieve alloying. There are many types of phases in the alloy structure. Among them, the alloys are biased towards the excellent natural solution-forming solid phase between electrochemical protons and components with similar atomic radius. Because the solid solution phase deforms the crystal lattice during the natural process, the resistance to the dislocation movement of the lattice is increased, so that the strength and hardness of the raw material are improved, that is, the solid solution strengthens the impregnation, so the solid solution phase becomes The most basic constituent phase of the raw material that requires higher comprehensive machine performance. It can be said that the formation of a solid solution phase in the carcass alloy is one of the keys to achieving the high performance of the carcass raw material.