What are the advantages of diamond string mining

- Dec 12, 2019-

What are the advantages of diamond string mining

Diamond string bead rope is believed to be used in many projects, and now there are not a few used to mine stone. This kind of equipment can mine all kinds of stone and process all kinds of plates. Let's take a look at the advantages of diamond string rope mining mine. I hope it will help you.

1. The use of diamond bead rope in China's stone industry not only improves the processing quality of stone, but also improves the production efficiency and economic benefits.

2. We all know that the diamond string is used on the diamond string saw. Using it to mine has the advantages of strong adaptability of mine space and landform, fast cutting speed of slotting rope and large size of waste material,

3. It can completely avoid the waste of resources, noise, pollution, energy consumption and other shortcomings caused by traditional mining methods such as blasting and flame, and realize the green mining with high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving.

4. Diamond string bead rope mining technology has been widely used in the field of stone mining, and has developed into the main equipment for mechanized mining of marble and granite. The hardness of marble is relatively low and it is easy to cut. Diamond string wire sawing is the main method of mechanized mining marble.

5. At present, there are a variety of mechanized mining systems for marble waste, each of which is basically related to diamond string saw. Granite is characterized by high hardness and splitting method. Controlled blasting and sawing are the basic methods of mining granite.

6. The combination of diamond string rope and bench drill can be used in the open-pit mining of granite

7. Diamond string bead rope full sawing mining system, which can be used for open-pit mining of granite mines

8. The diamond string bead rope can also be combined with the disc saw to cut the stone to carry out the mining of open-pit granite mine. In a word, diamond string string string will dominate the stone mining market in the future