Type of diamond wire saw

- Jul 04, 2018-

diamond wire saw.jpg

1.Electroplating: electroplating is used to deposit a layer of metal (generally nickel and nickel cobalt alloy) on metal wire and a linear superhard material made of diamond abrasive in metal. Metal coating is a binder and diamond abrasive is used for cutting.

The electroplated diamond wire saw can be made into different diameters and lengths according to the needs; the wire saw can be installed on different equipment to form different processing methods, such as reciprocating cycle (saw frame), high speed band saw, wire cutting and so on. For the processing of hard and brittle materials, wire saw not only can cut thin slices, but also can process surfaces. It can also be used for small hole research and has broad application prospects.

2.Resin type: using resin as bond, the diamond abrasive is consolidated on the wire.