The application fields of new diamond tools should be developed continuously

- Apr 17, 2020-

The application fields of new diamond tools should be developed continuously

Diamond tool refers to a kind of tool products with diamond particles or powders as the main elements. In the 1970s, polycrystalline diamond (PCD) was synthesized by high pressure synthesis technology, which solved the problem of low quantity and high price of natural diamond, and extended the application of diamond tools to many fields such as aviation, aerospace, automobile, electronics, stone, etc.

The hardness of PCD is lower than that of natural diamond (about hv6000), but its bending strength is much higher than that of natural diamond. In addition, the mechanical and physical properties of PCD products are changed by adjusting the particle size concentration of diamond powder, so as to meet the needs of different materials and different processing environments, which provides a variety of choices for tool users.

PCD, like natural diamond, is not suitable for processing steel cast iron. This tool is mainly used to process non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials, such as aluminum, copper, zinc, gold, silver, platinum and their alloys, as well as ceramics, carbon fiber, rubber, plastic, etc. PCD another big function processing wood and stone.

We will strengthen basic research, speed up the industrialization of research results, and continue to expand the application of new products.

In recent years, new materials, new technologies, new processes and new equipment innovations have been emerging in the world, such as ultra-fine prealloyed powder, laser processing, vacuum brazing technology, diamond plating technology, diamond uniform distribution technology and other cutting-edge new technologies, which are being highly concerned and researched and developed, and the research and development results are gradually forming industrialization. With the industrialization of these R & D achievements, the performance of diamond tools has been improved and the function has been expanded. At present, the application scope of diamond tools has gradually extended to semiconductor, aerospace, information and many other fields, providing a huge space for diamond tool manufacturers with high profits.

At present, domestic basic research in this field has made some achievements, but it is far from meeting the requirements of industrialization, and there is a big gap with developed countries in practical application. Of course, this is also the way to encourage us to move forward. We need to extend diamond tools to various application fields, and better create a better society!