Study on cutting performance of diamond saw Blades

- Jun 13, 2017-

Granite plate Elegant and luxurious, durable, well received by users, in recent years in the international market is very popular. Our country granite material reserves is rich, the variety is numerous, the color is different, has the strong competitive power. The development of stone industry is an important way for foreign exchange.

But China's stone cutting equipment and cutting saw blades lag behind, a considerable number of imports need to rely on, therefore, improve the production level of diamond saw blades and set up corresponding test research methods, gradually replace imported products, has very important practical significance.

Diamond saw Blade is a composite sintering body composed of diamond particles and carcass material. The carcass material should be able to bond the diamond firmly, and also be able to wear with the processed stone, in order to ensure the full utilization of the diamond particles and continuously out of the blade, maintain high cutting speed and quality. This is the adaptability relationship between the carcass material and the stone.

The good adaptability of the saw blade and the stone is that the cutting speed of the cutting stone is high, the service life is long and the cutting quality is good. With regard to the adaptability of the carcass and the stone, the research method commonly used at home and abroad is to select the carcass material according to the experience, to make the finished saw blade, and then to evaluate the quality of the material, then to improve it. This method is time-consuming, capital, and inaccurate.