Specific usage of diamond water grinding disc

- Dec 16, 2019-

Specific usage of diamond water grinding disc

Specific use method of diamond water grinding disc:

Diamond water grinding disc is suitable for portable electric or pneumatic grinding machine, and then joint connection, with power of 750-1500w and revolution of 2000-10000.

When working, apply a certain amount of pressure to the machine while passing through the water and go back and forth 4-5 times on the surface of the stone to be grinded, then you can replace the finer No.1 grinding plate. Many people are used to grinding with water, because the grinding is deeper, it is not easy to scratch, and there is no dust. Dry grinding is relatively shallow, with a large amount of dust, which is more likely to cause scratches.

This is what we all know and agree with. In fact, a single water mill can't satisfy all different floors, especially the ground with poor strength and serious sanding. Such a ground can't be blistered. If the water mill is only afraid to see loess, it doesn't matter. You can choose dry grinding. As long as the ground is cleaned and no sand is brought into the chassis, there will be no scratches 。