Precautions for diamond saw blade maintenance

- Dec 05, 2019-

Precautions for diamond saw blade maintenance

Diamond saw blade (marble saw blade, granite saw blade) does not need regular care for precious goods, but if you want to cut quickly and use the saw blade well, you need to pay attention to maintenance. Maintenance can not only make the appearance of diamond saw more beautiful, but also help to improve the quality of saw blade.

During the maintenance of diamond saw blade, the following three points should be paid attention to:

1. After the customer purchases the diamond saw blade, if it is not used immediately, it is not allowed to touch the cutter head on the diamond saw blade by hand. Because the manufacturer usually spray a layer of antirust paint on the cutter head. If it is touched by hand, it is easy to peel off the antirust paint, which will expose the cutter head of the diamond saw blade to the air and cause oxidation, which will cause rust and affect the diamond saw blade Appearance.

2 when buying diamond saw blade, it is necessary to handle it with care. Heavy falling will inevitably lead to the deformation of the saw blade, so that the cutting head of the diamond saw blade is not all on the same level. Otherwise, when cutting the stone, the diamond saw blade is bent, which not only affects the quality of the saw blade, but also cannot cut the stone well.

3. When the diamond saw blade is used up, the substrate should be protected, handled with care, and never dropped. The matrix of diamond saw blade can be reused. If the matrix is deformed, it will not be able to weld the cutting head, so maintaining the matrix is equivalent to buying a new saw blade cheaply.