Notes on the use of mine rope saw

- Dec 12, 2019-

Notes on the use of mine rope saw

Rope saw is a cutting and demolition tool for mines, waste materials, arc-shaped plates, large plate stones, thick concrete, irregular concrete reinforcement, bridges and roads. It is easy to install and use. It can be cut horizontally or vertically. In order to better improve the working efficiency and the service life of the mine wire saw. It is very important to use the wire saw correctly. The following small braid with you to understand the use of the mine rope saw notice. I hope it will help you.

1. Turn off the power supply before connecting the main power supply of the mine rope saw.

2. When adjusting the left and right position and direction of the drive flywheel, it is necessary to see whether there is any obstacle around and whether it will touch other parts of the equipment. When the drive flywheel is adjusted to the end point of the left and right positions, the adjustment shall be stopped immediately to avoid damaging the screw nut or burning the motor winding. It is strongly recommended not to adjust the drive flywheel to the left and right end points. Do not turn the drive flywheel vertically upward, otherwise the cable of the main motor may be damaged.

3. Check the supply of cooling water frequently when cutting. If the supply of cooling water is not in place, stop cutting immediately to avoid damaging the bead rope.

4. It is strictly prohibited to carry out sawing operation when the power supply is lack of phase.

5. The principle of cutting the horizontal plane first and then the vertical plane shall be followed when the wire saw is used to cut the separation body. In the process of horizontal cutting, the supporting wedge shall be added to the saw joint that has been cut in time to prevent the local falling of rock from pressing the bead rope, resulting in the scrapping and accident of the bead rope. If necessary, the wedge supporting separation body can also be inserted into the vertical saw joint.

6. If it is found that the equipment shell is electrified during operation, it shall be shut down for inspection immediately, and the machine can be started only after troubleshooting

7. Regularly check the connection of lines, terminals and plug-in connectors. In case of any problem, take measures immediately to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

8. In case of an emergency during the operation of the equipment, press the "emergency stop button" on the operation console immediately, and the "emergency stop button" status can be reset only when safety is ensured

9. It is forbidden for non professionals to modify the parameters set in the frequency converter.

10. The position of the driving flywheel cannot be adjusted when the mine wire saw is in normal sawing operation, and the sawing operation cannot be carried out when the position of the driving flywheel is adjusted.

11. In case of severe weather such as thunderstorm or rainstorm, the sawing operation shall be stopped as soon as possible and all switches shall be closed in time. If necessary, transfer the equipment to a safe place to avoid danger.

12. Turn off the power supply and all switches after sawing or before work.