Industrial application of disc abrasive brush

- Jul 05, 2018-

Disc Abrasives Brushes.jpg

The disc brush has four applications in industry. It comes down to the finishing effect of the surface of the workpiece needed. Therefore, the main task of disc polishing brush is workpiece surface processing. The following are the four categories:

Satin surface modification: the satin surface modification uses a soft and fine polished brush to brush the surface of the part into a diffuse reflection layer without a satin surface, which can make the surface of the part non mirror flickering.

Surface cleaning: mainly use disc polishing brush to clean up the oxide skin, rust, old paint layer, welding slag and other dirt on the surface of the parts, and also to brush the residual floating ash after the parts are eroded.

Silk brushing: the surface of the parts is polished and polished with regular and fine silk patterns, such as wavy stripe and fish scales, so as to achieve the purpose of decoration.

Remove burrs: remove burrs on the edges of machined parts by brushing light. This is also a type of disc polishing brush that is widely used in industry.