How to sharpen diamond tools?

- Dec 23, 2019-

How to sharpen diamond tools?

Cutter is a type of tool that people use in many occasions in daily life. It is also very versatile. Just to make it perform better, you need to sharpen it. A diamond tool is a tool made of diamond crystals. It has many advantages in use because of its excellent raw materials. However, to make it sharp, we need to master the following methods.

1. The manufacturing materials should have high hardness, but also need to have a certain degree of toughness. The quality of the tool depends on the effect of the steel after heat treatment. Excellent materials have high hardness, less brittleness, and more wear resistance High characteristics.

2. In order to make the knife have crack resistance and reduce fatigue cracks, improve the heat treatment hardenability of the tool, and prevent the tool from brittle cracking due to higher hardness, it is necessary to choose a very good material, supplemented by a more efficient vacuum heat treatment process. It is beneficial to increase the service life of the tool.

3. In the processing of non-ferrous metal materials, the service life of the tool is a very headache. Because the service life of the tool depends on many factors, the difficulty of processing the material, the rationality of the design of the tool, the correctness of the selection of the tool material, and the processing accuracy. And heat treatment process are important reasons that affect the quality of the tool.

Under the condition that the geometric angle and surface roughness of the cutting edge are unchanged, the higher the hardness of the diamond tool, the better the sharpness of the tool, and then it will become more wear-resistant and durable. But not all industries have the same sharpness requirements for cutting tools, so the specific sharpness selection needs to be determined according to user requirements.