How to choose Frankfurt abrasives for marble polishing

- May 01, 2019-

How to choose Frankfurt abrasives for marble polishing

15 to 20 years back in China, marble polishing machine operators prefer long life abrasives, thinking that longer life abrasive gives more square meters polishing or less cost in abrasive tools. Fullux Abrasives starts marble polishing abrasives 15 years back in the market and we start to promote idea of “sharper abrasives, less polishing cost” to the operators. Instead of deliver long life abrasives, we make abrasive sharper and less durable in life, after testing at marble automatic polishing machines on different colors of marble slabs, operators are surprised with the polishing quality and polishing cost as well. With sharper Frankfurt abrasives, operators increase belt speed and polishing speed, it gives more polishing square meters hourly, and at the same time, the polishing quality is not worse but better instead. After checking the electricity and water consumption, it is saved a lot, though cost of abrasive is more, but with more output of polished marble, average polishing cost is less with sharper Frankfurt abrasive stone.

And for marble polishing, 220# and 320# and 400# synthetic Frankfurt is intended to prepare for shinning and it is very important steps. It is suggested to use sharper abrasives to get good shinning, so after 400# grits, abrasives will do less jobs in polishing and save abrasive tools as well. 

For choice of 5 Extra for final polishing, if your polishing machine with enough heads for polishing, it is better you can use 3 steps with 5 Extra, 1 head with longer life formula and the other 2 heads with more shinning, this will give excellent polishing. 

 Frankfurt Abrasives 5 Extra 05 Marble Abrasives 82

Before using 5 Extra, if the surface finish is not so good, you may use a Fiber Sponge Pads ahead and this will help you remove the marking or scratch and also after use of 5 Extra Frankfurt, you can also use a 6000# Sponge Cleaner Pad to increase polishing glossy and cleaning the marble surface. 

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Fullux Abrasives is the biggest producer of Frankfurt Abrasives in China, with daily production of 3-4 container of Frankfurt abrasive, and monthly we are contracting more than 5,000,000 square meters polishing on natural marble and artificial stones, hope that we can help you with our quality and experiences.