How to choose a diamond saw blade with high cost performance?

- Dec 04, 2019-

How to choose a diamond saw blade with high cost performance?

In recent years, with the growth of diamond concrete cutting industry, diamond wire saw manufacturers have sprung up, but at the same time, there are some poor manufacturers that only focus on profit but not quality. Poor products not only reduce the work efficiency, improve the cost, but also put construction workers in danger.

Looking at a wide range of diamond wire saw manufacturers in the market, the buyers are dazzled. It is a headache for the buyers to buy inferior products. Here's how to choose a diamond saw blade with high cost performance.

1. Look at the color of the cutting head. The normal diamond saw blade head should be silver white, with the natural color of iron. The inferior diamond saw blade is dark because it contains more impurities.

2. Cutting effect: first of all, in the case of selecting the cutting pieces, the cutting shall be carried out with reference to the data provided by the seller, and the cutting shall be smooth and unimpeded, and the cut stone shall be free of edge collapse and angle drop.

3. Observe whether the concentration and distribution of the exposed diamond particles on the diamond saw blade head are uniform. In order to reduce the cost, the inferior saw blade uses the method of reducing the diamond content to reduce the cost. The process is extremely simple. The uneven mixing of the diamond particles causes the uneven stress surface of the blade head. After being used by the buyer, it is not only immovable, but also fast in consumption.

4. The inferior saw blade is made of emery. The difference between Emery and diamond single crystal lies in the wear resistance of abrasive grains. The diamond saw blade made of emery is not durable.