How to check marble surface finish quality

- Apr 28, 2019-

How to check marble surface finish quality?

Polishing glossy is a important inspection standard in stone polishing. For glossy checking, two main inspection is done, one is done visually and the other is done by glossy meter.

For visual inspection, inspector uses lights to check stone surface finish. Take a vertical view, back lighting view and front lighting view to check stone surface with lights flashes on different location to see if the polishing is clear, with or without marking or circles.

For glossy meter inspection. Inspector will check 9 different locations on edges and center of stone pieces and average the inspection value to get the final glossy. It is because stone is with different rock formation which may have different index of refraction, so it is not a correct method to check just one or two locations of stone pieces. 

Polishing Inspection

To get high glossy marble surface, you may consult your abrasive supplier on grit size sequences, polishing pressure and choice of abrasives to make high quality polishing. As the biggest manufacturer of Frankfurt abrasives in China, Fullux Abrasives suggests you to use sharper abrasives to make faster polishing and better polishing.  Though abrasive life will be shorter but it gives higher polishing efficiency and better surface finish, it will help you lower down polishing cost and get better polishing.

Listed below some of polished marbles with Fullux Abrasive Stone

5 Extra on White Marble

5 Extra on Dark Color Marble

5 Extra on Grey Marble -2