Difference between granite saw blade and marble saw blade

- Dec 17, 2019-

Difference between granite saw blade and marble saw blade

The difference between granite and marble can be very good. In essence, it is like pattern. The pattern of granite is spot like, and the pattern of marble is colorful, especially beautiful. From the hardness of rock, marble is soft stone, granite is medium hard stone. In terms of hardness, granite is a little better. In terms of rock types, marble is metamorphosed rock, while granite is igneous rock. In addition, the color of marble is varied, and the color of granite is mostly gray or white.

Granite saw blade

Marble is a metamorphosed or deposited carbonate rock. It has fine, solid, burnable, various colors, beautiful natural colors and small radiation. Because it is not resistant to weathering and less used outdoors, marble saw blades are usually used for interior decoration. Due to the good-looking marble, rich patterns, soft colors and other advantages, it will appear high-grade, rich and gorgeous after laying. In this way, higher requirements are put forward for marble processing, and the requirements for marble saw blade cutting are much higher than those for granite saw blade. The phenomenon of edge collapse and angle dropping shall not occur. In view of this phenomenon, maitai saw blade experts have developed four series of marble saw blades. According to different marble varieties, the cutting effect is excellent. Once put into the market, it is widely praised.

Marble cutting piece

Granite is hard and easy to maintain. But give a person a kind of cold feeling, commonly used in outdoor or public area ground and metope. So most customers' requirements for cutting accuracy of granite saw blade are not as high as marble saw blade. However, there are many varieties of granite. In order to better adapt to the varieties of granite in various regions, the expert team of maitai saw blade has developed more than 100 kinds of granite saw blade specifications after 20 years of experience. No matter what kind of granite, the corresponding cutting saw blade can be found. In the past 20 years, maitai granite saw blade has been deeply loved by customers. It is said that maitai granite saw blade has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, sharpness, no edge collapse and no tail