Diamond saw blade instructions

- Dec 04, 2019-

Diamond saw blade instructions

Each diamond saw blade will go through strict inspection when leaving the factory, and the tension will reach the state of use, so as to avoid serious collision during storage and put it in suspension. If it must be placed horizontally, please ensure that the placing surface is horizontal, and do not place other objects on the saw blade for heavy pressure.

Before using diamond saw blade

1. Please pay attention to protective measures, such as eye protection, mask, gloves, etc., and be sure to use the saw with protective cover. 2. When installing the saw blade, be sure to tighten the fastening nut to prevent the saw blade from bouncing in use.

3. Please note that the installation direction is the same as that of the cutting equipment.

4. Before use, clean the surface of the cutting equipment. There should be no steel bars, iron wires and objects that are easy to wrap. It is easy to crack the saw blade. If there are sundries and debris during use, please clean them in time.

When using diamond saw blade

The diamond saw blade will generate heat when cutting. In order to avoid the deformation of the saw blade and the shortening of its service life, please ensure the following cutting conditions when cutting:

1. Sufficient water supply (the water pressure is greater than 0.1MPa).

2. The water supply pipe is at the cutting part of the saw blade.

3. In case of unexpected interruption of water supply, please resume water supply as soon as possible, otherwise it is recommended to suspend cutting.

The diamond saw blade is mainly used in the wall saw cutting machine. During the use, it is used at a constant speed of 2-2.5m minutes. Please do not change the cutting speed arbitrarily or even increase the cutting speed in the use process, which exceeds the bearing capacity of the saw blade, or it will easily cause the saw blade deformation.

In case of power failure or cutting equipment failure during cutting of diamond saw blade, please stop the machine immediately and take down the saw blade, otherwise, it will cause crashing damage of the saw blade and cannot be used.