Development Trend of Diamond Tools

- Dec 24, 2019-

Development Trend of Diamond Tools

In recent years, the application trend of diamond tools has continued to rise, and it has occupied a dominant position in the CNC machine tool industry. The level of manufacturing skills is greatly affected by the overall extent of the diamond tool industry, and the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the entire diamond tool industry.

Diamond tools are widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, machinery, automotive and national defense industries. The manufacturing technology of abrasive tools, geological drills and stone sawing tools for machining has been greatly improved. Products have become serialized and standardized, complete varieties and specifications, stable product quality, and some products have certain competitiveness in the international market.

角色 The role of diamond tool manufacturers has changed. From the copy and supply of pure diamond tools to the development of new cutting processes and the development of corresponding sets of skills and solutions, it provides users with support and skills in the supply side. The key to diamond tool manufacturers' development is no longer universal brands and universal structures. Faced with complex and changing application occasions and processing conditions, we have developed more targeted blade groove structures, grades and corresponding supporting tools to replace the universal groove and grade blades and tools. Increased use of hard alloy materials and coatings. Fine-grained and ultra-fine-grained cemented carbide materials are a development preference; nano-coatings, gradient-structure coatings, and coatings of new structures and materials will greatly improve tool utilization and are one of the indispensable tools.

Although diamond tools started late, after about two decades of development, the diamond tool industry has occupied a significant position in the international market. In recent years, there have been some encouraging changes in the industry's development momentum.