Development trend of cutting tablets

- Jun 13, 2017-

With the machinery industry more and more, more machinery products need to be processed, usually each product processing first need to be cut chip molding, and then in the subsequent grinding, after the process of the last to become a mature product, then what kind of cutting products will become the industry leader?

The use of glass fiber and resin to strengthen the combination of materials, with high tensile, impact and flexural strength, widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metallic production, excellent materials, exquisite workmanship to ensure that the different material workpiece cutting efficiency and the best economic results.

First, the hardness of cutting tablets, in the face of the future of the new metal products will be more and more, then the hardness requirements of cutting products are more and more, cutting product hardness to determine the product of all, at present, by Superhard Abrasives brought high-precision, high-efficiency grinding effect has been widely recognized.

Second, the improvement of physical structure of abrasives, if the number of grinding grains in the unit time is increased, the average length of grinding is increased, and the grinding contact surface is increased, these all change the grinding quantity of unit time and effectively improve the efficiency; The cutting piece which really improves the efficiency of the product can truly grasp the future market.

With the future development of the machinery industry, more and more cutting piece industry began to approach the market, many companies have begun to update the product technology, hoping to develop more good products.