Common sense of saw blade

- Dec 05, 2019-

Common sense of saw blade

Engineers have a brilliant summary of diamond saw blade cutting stone. They have to know the general knowledge of saw blade:

1. The waste material shall not be less than 0.5m3, and shall be placed stably. The bottom surface shall be padded with square wood and firmly plugged. The waste material shall be located on the symmetrical position of the working platform to ensure the stability of the working trolley and the waste material, without shaking and shaking.

2. The trial cutting can only be carried out after the saw blade idling is stable. It is not allowed to start the saw blade when the blade is in contact with the waste material. During cutting, it is not allowed to stop the rotation of the saw blade. It is required to exit the saw blade before stopping the cutting.

3. In case of any shaking of the waste materials during cutting, the cutting shall be stopped immediately, and the work can be continued after the waste materials are firmly fixed. During cutting, the waste materials shall not be moved arbitrarily.

4. Idling: especially when the new matrix is used, it needs to idle for about 30 minutes, and it needs to idle with water in the high temperature season in summer. Its purpose is to further eliminate the influence on the matrix when welding the cutter head, and enhance the memory of the internal quality of the saw blade in the high-speed rotation state.

5. Adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of the waste material to make the saw blade lifting and the travel of the charging car within the reliable and effective range. Before sawing, the cutting edge of the saw blade shall be 10-20mm away from the waste material. After sawing, there should be 20-40mm left between the cutting edge and the bottom of the waste material. Before the saw blade moves left and right, all the saw blades should exit from the waste material cutting edge. The distance should not be less than 150-200mm to prevent the saw blade from hitting the waste material.