Application range of disc abrasive brush

- Jul 02, 2018-

Disc Abrasives Brushes.jpg

It is widely used in all kinds of industries:

1.Cold rolled sheet and galvanized / tinplate before and after finishing of metal surface.

2.Removal of burr and chamfering after machining

3.Finishing treatment of refrigerator compressor / air conditioning compressor parts

4.Copper strip / aluminum strip surface finishing

5.The decontamination and grinding pressure of the copper plate in the electronic circuit board

6.Deburring plating of automotive gear machining / engine parts and surface grinding before painting.

7.Surface grinding, deep hole / related hole deburring.

8.Military weapons cleaning

9.Carpentry / three plywood surface finishing / complex furniture veneer highlight processing / concave convex surface grinding operation

10.Surface polishing of surface terminal of cylinder liner of hydraulic parts