Analysis and Solution of Electroplated Diamond Tools

- Dec 24, 2019-

Analysis and Solution of Electroplated Diamond Tools

With the development of economy and the advancement of science and technology, the requirements of electroplated diamond tools in different industries are basically the same, that is, high efficiency, long life and high grinding accuracy. To ensure these characteristics, the coated metal must not only have high hardness and abrasion resistance, but also need to be evenly distributed in each part of the substrate, so as to prevent the coating from falling off and shortening the tool life. In the actual use process, the phenomenon of plating layer peeling off is common. This article analyzes the cause of this problem, and discusses the solutions.

During the use of electroplated diamond tools, due to the use of conditions such as the size of the grinding force, temperature rise, the impact of the workpiece, etc., it will cause the metal coating containing diamond to separate from the steel substrate, which is the coating peeling off. In the actual use process, the metal layer of the diamond-containing metal plating layer is separated. In the process of using the diamond-containing metal plating, the plating metal of the part that is in contact with the workpiece is not normally abraded, but it is abnormally peeled into pieces or powder. The diamond is not completely detached, but it is partially granular.

Measures to solve the shedding of diamond tool coatings

For the reasons for the above-mentioned plating peeling, the following measures can be taken to solve the problem of plating peeling:

(1) Strengthen the pre-plating treatment to completely remove burrs, oil, oxide film, rust and oxide scale on the surface of the substrate as much as possible, promote the normal growth of the metal lattice of the coating, and improve the bonding force between the coating metal and the substrate metal.

(2) Optimize the technology and procedures to reduce the power outage time during sand unloading, and even continue to unload the sand in the original upper sand tank, thicken it or discharge it with electricity in a spare tank to improve the combination between the diamond particles and the coating. force. If there is a power failure during the thickening process, when re-thickening, the workpiece should be placed in the electrolyte for cathodic reduction. After the reduction, it will be charged into the tank and electroplated to ensure the adhesion of the coating.