Advantages of diamond wire saw cutting

- Jul 03, 2018-

diamond wire saw.jpg

Different from previous mortar cutting technology, diamond wire saw cutting adopts multi wire cutting technology. This technology has strong cutting ability and high efficiency; the line size of diamond wire saw is very strict, cutting loss is very small and the precision of cutting out the product is very high. Because of no use of mortar, the working environment is clean, it is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection product.

Electroplated diamond wire saw has its unique advantages.

(1) Compared with free abrasive wire saw, it has higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

(2) It is possible to avoid mixing, granulating, sintering, welding or injection molding in the process of sintering diamond tools.

(3) It can be used for electronic discharge machining II) M can not be processed by non conductor processing.

(4) Diamond wire saw is wound around the drum, and it can cut multiple parts such as silicon bar at the same time, and can process multiple parts simultaneously.

(5) Due to the spacing between the sintered diamond wire saw beads, the broken [6 '7] of the wire (line) may be caused by the premature wear and tear of the distance, and the continuous distribution of diamond in the electroplated diamond wire saw can avoid the early breakage of the wire saw.

(6) Compared with circular saw and band saw, the wire saw can flexibly change the direction of cutting, and can be used to process complex geometries.

(7) Because the diameter of the wire saw is small (general <1ram), the cutting loss is small during processing, which is of great significance to the processing of expensive semiconductors and gemstones.