About the selection of diamond cutter head

- Dec 30, 2019-

About the selection of diamond cutter head

The diamond blade is the main body of the diamond saw blade. Diamond is a super-hard material, which acts as a cutting edge, and the carcass bonding agent plays a role in fixing the diamond.

1.Selection of diamond strength

The strength of diamond is an important index to ensure cutting performance. If the strength is too high, the crystal will not be broken easily. The abrasive grains will be polished during use, and the sharpness will be reduced, which will lead to the deterioration of the tool performance. Therefore, the strength should be selected from 130 to 140N.

2.Selection of diamond distribution concentration

In a certain range, when the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of the saw blade gradually decrease, and the service life gradually increases; but if the concentration is too high, the saw blade will become blunt. With low concentration and coarse particle size, the efficiency will be improved. Utilizing the different effects of various parts of the blade during sawing, using different concentrations (that is, the middle layer can be used at a lower concentration in a three-layer or more layer structure), the middle of the blade is formed during the sawing process. It is beneficial to prevent the saw blade from deflection, thereby improving the quality of stone processing.

 3.Selection of diamond grain size

When the diamond grain size is coarse and single grain size, the blade of the saw blade is sharp and the sawing efficiency is high, but the bending strength of the diamond agglomeration is reduced; when the diamond grain size is fine or the coarse and fine grain sizes are mixed, the saw blade blade has high durability, but Low efficiency. Taking the above factors into consideration, it is more appropriate to choose a diamond size of 50/60 mesh.