Q: How can I buy the right diamond segments and saw blade from your company?

A: To offer you the right segments and blade for your application, you will be suggested to offer below information to help us recommend right tools to meet your request

1) what kind of stone to be processed, granite, marble, sandstone or other stones; Better with pictures of your stone;

2) Application of your segment or saw blade, edge cutting or block sawing purpose

3) Machine used for the diamond blade, bridge saw, manual saw, table saw or block saw;

4) Size information for diamond saw blade needed, blade diameter, saw blank thickness and arbor size, etc; if for segments, information on thickness and diameter of saw blade will help us decide diamond segment sizes;

5) Machine main motor power, spindle RPM, feeding speed and cutting depth information would be required;

6) Your request on blade or segment quality in square meter or cutting speed;

Q: What kind of abrasives sequences should we use for marble polishing lines?

A: to recommend Frankfurt abrasives grit sequences for your machine, you are suggested to advice us below information

1) What glossy surface would you like to make, honed, polished or antique matt surface?

2) Color and hardness of your marbles or other natural stones?

3) how many polishing heads for your line polishing machine?

4) Do you have calibration machine before polishing line? Or do you use diamond Frankfurt segments to do calibration before using magnesite abrasives stone?

Q: What’s the advantage of M Shape segments to square segments for block cutter?

A: when new segments are welded to steel saw blade to start cutting, M shape diamond segments is with advantage of fast diamond exposure, i.e. diamond faster open and ready to cut. M shape has two mountains on segment top, when cutting through granite block, you can imagine two mountain tops like two straight lines while segment tops of the square segments is a profile with big area. The friction from the block to the segment is more when cutting with a profile (square segment top) than cutting with two straight lines (two mountain tops), that makes M shape segments cutting easier than square segments.

Q: What’s the delivery term for my order after payment?

A: We have mass production capacity of our stone cutting tools and polishing tools. Most stone tools orders could be delivered fast. For sample order in smaller quantity, general 3-7 days delivery while batch orders in quantities would be longer as per items and quantities. When receive your orders, our production staff will work on delivery evaluation and our sales team will keep you updated for delivery term and update you new progress of production regularly.

Q: Do you offer free sample for testing?

A: Generally we don’t offer free sample for diamond segments or abrasives stone. Instead, we will suggest our customers pay for sample order and will be offered special discount to help customers lower down testing cost. We believe that you will pay more attention on paid samples and testing, and we are doing the same for testing feedback follow up, in this way, we build up trust and communications. We are confident on our stone tools and testing will help us both see the quality.

Q: If your stone tools are tested on our machine and the result was not good, how should we do?

A: Firstly we shall appreciate your feedback product performance in details, such as machines you use, stones you tested, cutting performance for segments or saw blade (cutting speed and life) or polishing quality for marble or granite abrasive stone or polishing pads. Together with our engineers, we will offer trouble shooting solution for you to test again and find out the problem, if the failed testing problem at us, we will send you replacement items.

Q: Which shipping way is the best suitable one for my order, by express, by air or by Sea?

A: For higher value goods, such as diamond segment, saw blade and polishing pads, you are suggested to send by Express if goods weights less than 45Kgs, since air cargo company charges very high for less than 45kgs cargo.  While order weights more than 45Kgs, you may choose air cargo or sea shipment depends on your request of goods, weights of goods and freights.

For smaller value goods but weight heavy, such as marble abrasives stone and granite polishing abrasives stone, you will be suggested to add your order to pallets or container to make full use of the space and to lower down shipping cost.

All your orders will be shipped by our selected logistic partners on a fast and safe delivery.

Q: I receive your quotation in FOB basis, could you send us CIF basis price?

A: Yes, sure, we can quote you CIF prices as per your request, new prices will base on certain quantity goods and added the freights and insurance. Sometimes it will be higher and not accurate, so we may suggest you share your order quantities if you have, this helps us work out goods weights and values for best freights, it will help us make exact quotation on freights and help our customers save cost as well. All delivery for your orders is for services only, not for any profits from XTAR Diamond Tools company.

Q: We are considering buying diamond tools from your company, how can we know your quality?

A: Thanks for your trust and we are selling diamond tools to different countries in the world, the products are mostly selling through trading partners and for different customers for different stones, hopefully you will like our quality.  Tell us your country and region and let us check our partners for references to share with you.  If your market is new to us and no references, you are suggested to make a sample order at small quantity to test our quality before buy in quantities.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity request for stone polishing pads?

A: No order is small in our services and we can deliver your order not matter smaller or bigger. No a limit for order quantity for stone polishing pads. For sample testing, you can buy any quantities you can to make a test and for batch orders, you will be suggested to buy more to save the cost for delivery since the quality is approved in your market. You can trust our quality and stability since we are in mass production and quality and stability is our top concern as well.