1600mm Marble Cutting Segment

1600mm Marble Cutting Segment

diamond cutting segment for marble block cutter with diameter 1600mm sandwich structure marble segments, soft bond for hard marbles
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1600mm High Sharpness Marble Cutting Segment

1600mm diameter is one of the most popular size for marble block cutting,  mostly with a vertical blade and a horizontal blade to cut tiles/strips from stone blocks and get tiles/strips in width of 60-65cm.  compared to granite, marble is softer and in marble block cutter, it is more with big cut down such as 10cm and up to 60cm per drop, with big cut down, this will require high sharpness diamond segments and big horse power motor to run the blade. Italian machines in brands of Breton, Simec, Pedrini, etc are with machine design like below picture shows

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We have rich experiences in big cut down diamond segments for hard marbles, sending lots of segments to different markets and more in Middle East for a cut of 30cm to 60cm for hard marbles. 

Standard size 1600mm marble segments are 

24x9.2x10mm and 24x9.5x13mm, with one pack 108pcs per box for one blade usage
customized sizes available upon request.

for segment welding, you are suggested to use high silver % welding alloy for better welding strength and please pay attention to welding temperature, keep your eyes on the segment and steel blank status, to avoid overheated segment or steel blank and cause quality issue.  Experienced welding people is suggested to do segment welding and for used saw blade, suggested doing a balance of steel blank to avoid vibration or bending of cutting after saw blade in work.


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