1600mm Diamond Segments For Marble Block Cutting

1600mm Diamond Segments For Marble Block Cutting

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1600mm Diamond Segments for Marble Block Cutting

Marble block cutter with 1600mm diamond saw blade is mostly with big motor power and cuts marble block to bottom with one step cut to get max. 45cm tiles from marble blocks, some also with step by step cut to bottom with smaller motor power.

If your marble cutter with one step cut to bottom, you will  need diamomd segments with more sharpness.

Much more cutting friction is generated when making one step cut to bottom. If your segment is not with good sharpness, possibly the cutting speed is slow and sometimes cause steel saw blank bended if running speed is fast. 

For 1600mm segments, with steel blank thickness at about 7.2mm thickness, we offer segment size 24x9.2x10mm or 24x9.5x13mm, both sizes working well in different markets cutting hard marbles. If you have different sizes of segment request, it is available upon request as well.

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We're one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond tools. If you're looking for 1600mm diamond segments for marble block cutting, please feel free to place orders with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.
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