Granite Cutting Segment

granite cutting diamond segment for 3000mm stone block cutter, for soft to hard granite cutting, excellent performance and cutting speed.
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Product Details

3000mm High Quality Granite Cutting Segment for European Market

1) excellent cutting performance for black and red granites in European market

2) high quality diamond grit inside and soft bond for hard granite cutting

3) selling mostly by importer customers to resell in the market, with high quality stability

4) M shape segment with powder layer design for fast cutting speed 

5) mass production capacity and strong R&D alibilty for customized request

3000mm granite cutting segment


Fact Sheet for Granite Segments

Product Description  Diamond Segment for Granite Block Cutting
Segment Size  24x12.5/11.5x20mm (LxWxH)
Saw Blade Diameter  3000mm
Segment Structure  M Shape, Multi Layer/Sandwich
Quality Level  High Quality Performance
Export Markets  Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Italy, etc.


Questions and Answers:

Q: Are you factory of Diamond Segments?
A: Xtar Diamond Tools is manufacturer and exporter of diamond tools and abrasives for stone cutting and polishing, our factory is located in Jinjiang/Quanzhou/Fujian, China, near Shuitou, one of the world's stone processing center in the world.  diamond segment is our main products for stone cutting and exports in quantity for factory use and selling domestic for quarry block cutting.

Q: How long can you get our order ready?
A: for trial order in smaller quantity, mostly ready in 3-5 days.
for regular orders, about 1-2 weeks as per order quantity, if longer delivery required, will update you when you are giving orders of stone cutting segments.

Q: How's your quality and stability?
A: we are working with importer and reseller customers mostly.
quality is satisifed and stability is good for long term business cooperation.
our segment quality level is on a higher quality level in Chinese market.

Q: How's your granite segment price level?
A: It is a top concern questions from most customer at first inquiry.
Friendly speakinly, our price is also at a higher level while our quality is higher as well.
with cooperation with importer and reseller customers, our segments are commented high quality/price ratio, it helps our partners profit over quality and less complaint on quality.