Diamond Segments For Granite Cutting

Diamond Segments For Granite Cutting

1200mm diamond segments for multi blade block cutting, 15pcs to 100pcs multi blade block cutter machine
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Diamond Segments for Granite Block Cutting

for 1200mm multi blade block cutter, saw blades runs at fast speed (left to right feeding) but at small drops (up to bottom downfeed cutting), it requires diamond segment in high sharpness so that saw blades can cut fast. our multi blade diamond segment with unique metal bond, reasonable diamond grit size and diamond density are working efficiently in Middle East and Europe. 

for 1200mm segments, we have size 23x7.5/6.5x13mm and 24x7.4/6.6x13mm in standard supply and customized segment size also available for choice.

Square segment or M shape segment both in offer, M shape segment is easier for diamond open or diamond exposure while square segment is traditional design and more acceptable to customers in different markets.  As for production purpose, you are suggested to use M shape segment, which may also help us make easier segment moulding as well.

 Multi Blade Block Cutter Diamond Segment for Granite

1200m multi blade block cutter machine


How to make high quality diamond segments?

diamond segments is divided into two parts, diamond grit and density, and also metal bond (matrix) to bond diamond segment from lost during cutting.  diamond grit size will decide the cutting sharpness, and metal bond will decide the bonding strength of diamond and affect segment life.

in production, raw materials inspection is very important before production, making sure all materials qualified is key to segment quality production control, temperature and moisture control during material transporation is second key point in segment manufacturing and thirdly sintering temperature, pressure and thermal insulation timing.

as one of the most professional manufacturer of diamond tools in the world, Xtar Diamond Tools keeps high quality production standard and our products are commented high performance and stable performance, hope that we can help you with our quality and experiences.

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