1600mm Granite Block Cutting Diamond Segments For Large Size Diamond Saw Blade

1600mm Granite Block Cutting Diamond Segments For Large Size Diamond Saw Blade

1600mm granite block cutting diamond segments for large size diamond saw blade, a large diameter diamond segments used for granite block cutting machine
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Product Details

1600mm granite block cutting diamond segments for large size diamond saw blade

Product Description

1600mm diamond segments is used for large size diamond saw blade for granite block cutting, mostly on bridge block cutter and gantry or single arm block cutter, cutting maximum 65cm granite strips or tiles.

Diamond segment is made of synthetic diamond powder and metal power with sintering technology, people also call "segment cooking", it is working as functional part of the diamond saw blade, to cut through granite blocks to make slabs from the blocks for flooring or for paving purpose.

For 1600mm granite cutting segment welding, it is usually use automatic high frequency segment welding or brazing machine, this helps better control the heating time and keep the steel blank in good quality from bending or over heating.

For hard granites, soft bond diamond segment is used while for soft to medium hard granites, harder bond will be used for granite cutting segments.  Sandwich or multi layer structure is for choice for customers, and there is square segment and M shape segments widely in use.

Product DescriptionDiameterSegment Size(LxWxH)Teeth(pcs/set)Package
Granite Cutting Diamond Segment 1600mm 24x9.2/8.4x15mm (M Shape) 108pcs/set Carton Box
Granite Block Cutting Segment
1600mm 24x9.2/8.4x20mm (M Shape) 108pcs/set Carton Box

1600mm granite block cutting diamond segment for large size diamond saw blade

How to make granite segments for block cutting? 

  1. Raw Material Inspection, including inspection on diamond powder, metal powder and other production materials

  2. Powder Mixing, namely mixing diamond powder and metal bond powder together for better power distribution;

  3. Segment moulding, to install pressed segments to moulds as per structure, shape, sizes and direction to form segment;

  4. Segment sintering, namely to cook segments in sintering machine to bond all powder to a solid segment

  5. Mould unistallation, to take the sintered segments from the graphit moulds and remove spurs from segment edges

  6. Segment inspection, to check segments size, weights and hardness after sintering to make sure segments in right quality;

  7. Segment blasting, to blast the dust and graphit from segment surface and sandblast segment to make good surface finish;

  8. QC and Package: Check segment finish quality and pack segments into carton box for order delivery 

diamond segment for granite block cutting


Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are a Chinese factory for stone cutting tools and polishing abrasives stone with industry leading technology in diamond segments, diamond saw blade, granite polishing abrasive stone and marble frankfurt polishing abrasives with rich manufacturing and industry experiences. We help our customers succeed with our technology and experiences. 

Q: How's your quality compared to other Chinese suppliers of diamond segments?

A:  Compared to other Chinese suppliers of diamond segments, our quality is on top quality level while at more competitive and more affordable prices to our customers. Diamond segment is the working parts of a circular saw blade, it plays an important role in granite block cutting. You are suggested to buy from manufacturer or suppliers with good technology and good quality.  We make high quality level diamond products for our customers, we believe that good technology and good quality will help our customers save more cost in our products and quality helps sells and build up our brand and trust.

Q: How long could you deliver my order of 1600mm granite cutting diamond segments?

A: For testing order in smaller quantity, 2-3 days is ready and for batch order in bigger quantities, we will need 5-10 days and more quantities order will require more days to production but you will be updated for delivery term when you are placing order of granite cutting segments.

We're one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond tools. If you're looking for 1600mm granite block cutting diamond segments for large size diamond saw blade, please feel free to place orders with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.