Granite Cutting Segments

2mtr Granite Cutting Segments for Indian Granites Description of Diamond Segments Diamond segments includes diamond cutting segments, diamond grinding segments, core drill bits segments and segments for profiling and sawing segments. as per cutting materials, segments are widely in use for...
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2mtr Granite Cutting Segments for Indian Granites 

Description of Diamond Segments 

Diamond segments includes diamond cutting segments, diamond grinding segments, core drill bits segments and segments for profiling and sawing segments.  as per cutting materials, segments are widely in use for cutting granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, travertine, concrete, asphalt, tiles and other metal and non-metal materials.

Granite cutting segments are metabl bond diamond segments use on granite cutting machine or circular saw blades. diamond segments are attached to steel saw blank by silver alloy brazing or welding. 

High performance diamond segments are made from high quality grade of diamond power with suitable ratio of metal powders for fast cutting and durable life. Various segment sizes are available for different diameter of saw blade from diameter 250mm to 3500mm. 

Indian Granite Cutting Segments

Single blade block cutter is very popular in India for granite cutting and for last 5-10 year, 5.5mm and 6.5mm multi cutter also increasing in quantities.  our segments are quality approved in different markets in India, granite segments in Hyderabad, in Bangalor, in Jalore, in Rajasthan, and many others.

for single blade, 2mtr segment is popular size for granite cutting and we have size 24x10.6/9.8x15 in M shape and segment 24x10.4/9.6x15mm in M shape for faster diamond open. 

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Package of Indian granite segments

for 2000mm segments, it is packed in carton box and 128pcs/box package

it weights about 3.7 to 3.8Kgs per box and for one carton we can pack 10 to 12 sets as per order

for shipment, smaller quantity or testing order, it is suggested shipment by Air or by Express.

for more than 45Kgs goods, you may start sending by Air 

and for regular order in quantity, which weights more, you are suggested to send by Sea to lower down shipping cost.

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How to braze a diamond segment to saw blade

for segment brazing or welding, silver alloy and welding flux is widely in use.

for new steel blank  or used steel blank, steel teeth needs to be sharpen to make surface smooth or to make surface clean to ready for segment welding and for diamond segment, welding surface (bottom side) needs to be grounded as well.

prepare welding silver alloy, normally 20% to 30% silver alloy is suggested for segment welding. as per segment size, you may cut silver alloy rolls into smaller pieces to match segment sizes, make them ready for welding. 

paste welding flux on both steel blank teeth and segment welding side and put silver alloy on ground segment bottom side,

fix segments onto blade teeth, pay attention to thickness of segment and saw blank thickness, segment thickness should be bigger than saw blank thickness, it is a must, otherwise, when saw blade in working, segment will not cut well while saw blank will contact stone block and clambed by stone.  for segment welding, positioning a segment is important, make sure that segment is paralleled anc centralized as saw blank center. 

welding segment at certain temperature and timing, if temperature too hot, diamond segment is cooked again and may casue diamond grit loosen and if temperature too low, may not able to mealt silver alloy and cause poor quality welding. 

Fullux Abrasives and Xtar Diamond Tools deliver high performance abrasive and diamond tools for stone cutting and polishing, in which granite cutting segments is the hot selling products in our production, you are invited to visit our factory to see our quality control and production, hope to help you lower down production cost for your own factory or for your customers. We offer stone cutting and polishing solution and feel free to check us for any product application or performance.

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We're one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond tools. If you're looking for granite cutting segments, please feel free to place orders with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.