Diamond Segment For Marble

Diamond Segment for Marble, segment size 24x7.5x10 for 1200mm diameter saw blade, single blade block cutting machine or multi blade block cutting machines
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1200mm Diamond Segment for Marble Block Cutting Machine

Diamond segment is a metal bond cutting tools with synthetic diamond as working abrasives. it is widely in  use for stone cutting, in which diamond is harder than stone which hardness up to 9 Mohs hardness while Diamond is 10Mohs.  

stone cutting process is also a stone grinding process, by sawing marble blocks, diamond segment grinds marbles or people usually call it sawing.   and as per saw blade quantity installed on stone cutting machine, there is single blade and multi blade.

for marble production, diameter 1200mm saw blade and 1600mm saw blade are two most popular diameters and we have both segment sizes available for choices.

As per different steel blank thickness, we have below segments sizes in offer for 1200mm blades





38 Marble Segments

Before place order in quantity, you are suggested to make a test though we are confident in our quality of marble cutting segments, it helps you lower down your testing cost and also help us understand your request on quality and what cutting problem you have from current supplier of diamond segments

and you are suggested to share with us below 

1) What color and hardness of marble will you cut? If possible, you may send us picture of your stone, from edge profiles to help us check rock formation and to decide our metal bond to suit your marbles

2) Your marble cutting machines, single blade or multi blade, and if possible main motor power and cutting step by step down feed or one single cut to the bottom (big down feed)

3) Segment size you use or steel blank thickness for your blade and let us suggest size of segments

4) if you alreay use diamond segment and have cutting problem, please share with us what problem you have from current supplier and this will help us understand better about your request.

With mass produciton of marble segments in China, we are exporting in quantity for middle east for marble block sawing, hope that we can help you cut production cost down with our quality and experiences.

We're one of the most professional China manufacturers and suppliers focusing on various diamond tools. If you're looking for diamond segment for marble, please feel free to place orders with us. Good performance, competitive price and excellent service can be assured.