400mm Granite Edge Cutting Diamond Segment For Stone Cutting Machine

400mm Granite Edge Cutting Diamond Segment For Stone Cutting Machine

diamond segment for granite edge cutting on stone cutting machine, diamond segment for diameter 400mm diamond saw blade

Product Details

400mm Granite Edge Cutting Diamond Segment for Stone Cutting Machine

Product Description - 400mm Granite Cutting Diamond Segment

400mm diamond segment is widely used for granite edge cutting for stone cutting machine;

Granite cutting segments spends faster than marble segments and it is suggested to make segment with 15mm or 20mm height to save segment welding cost in the long run if you will weld used steel blank with diamond segments.

Features and Advantages - V-cut Split Diamond Segment

This 400mm diamond segment is with a V-cut in middle of segment, it is designed to replace design of two short segment in 20mm length, it will greatly increase the welding strength of segments and lower down welder cost as well. 

This V-cut split segment also have better cutting sharpness for granite cutting, it is widely in use in Europe and North Amercian markets.

Product Details - Diamond Segment for Granite Edge Cutting

Granite Edge Cutting Segments 05.jpgRaw MaterialsSynthetic Diamond + Metal Powder
Product TechnologyCold Presse Sintering

Segment Size





Diamond Segment for 

Granite Edge Cutting

UsageWet Cutting
Welding TechnologySilver Brazed

FAQ - Diamond Segment for Stone Cutting Machine

Q: What's your quality of diamond segment for granite edge cutting?

A: This diamond segment is with high grade synthetic diamond and soft metal bond for fast cutting and they are cutting hard granite and enginered stones in Europe and Americas, our customers are selling our saw blades with this segments to replace 2 short teeth segments for better sharpness and safety purpose.

Q: Which quality of silver alloy do you suggest to braze this diamond segment?

A: You are suggested to use more than 30% silver content for segment brazing or welding, a Chinese silver alloy code 303 is used in our production and tested with consistent welding quality and good welding strength.

Q: How long can we get my order of granite cutting diamond segment?

A: Your order will be delivered in 2-15 days depends on order quantity. 

For sample order, 2-5 days will be needed for granite segment production, and for batch order, product needs 5-15 days, mostly in 7-10 days.


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