XTAR Diamond Tools is a young and dynamic diamond tools manufacturer and supplier in China, with strong R&D capacity and mass production capacity for stone cutting tools and stone polishing abrasives. We aim at helping our customers make better quality cutting and polishing at lower cost, i.e. helping our customers lower down production cost with our technology, experiences and services.

Our products mainly cover stone cutting tools and stone polishing tools, such as diamond segments, diamond saw blade and diamond wire saw for stone cutting and stone polishing tools including Frankfurt abrasives for marble, Fickert abrasives and grinding disc for granite and diamond polishing pads. All stone tools delivered to our customers are strictly tested and approved in China or by our overseas customers, simply to assure that our diamond tools works well when deliver to your hands.

Quality and consistency is our top concern and our promise to our customers. We have strict quality control system in our production, from raw materials inspection to finished products package, every process in our production we have human control and machine inspection, before sintering, after sintering and before package, to make sure all products delivered are qualified without any defect.

Keep moving, keep innovation! Our engineer team never satisfy with the technology we already have, but strike for better and better quality and technology. We are close to stone factories and stone operators, learning from their request and design new products, making rounds and rounds of testing, to find out the best suitable products that meets more and more challenging request from customers.

Nowadays, XTAR Diamond Tools are exporting high quality stone cutting and polishing tools to Middle East, Southern Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern Africa and Southern Americas, While we have lots of orders in production, we are more happy to see that our customers are satisfied with our quality and lower down stone production cost with our tools and technology.

Aiming at helping our customers do better cut and polish at lower cost, XTAR Diamond Tools Team hope to help you succeed with our quality, experiences and services!